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Friday, June 10, 2011

Internet Archives Find: Rupert, VT - Historical and Descriptive 1761-1898

Internet Archives is a fabulous site for rare historical documents of towns, counties and other various topics of interest.  One great find in recent days has been this book from the Cornell University library system.
Angeline Phillips, Ada Phillips' mother.
The family of my great-great grandmother, Ada Phillips, came westward via Oswego, New York and a small town in western Vermont called Rupert.  Aside from the simple information taken from census records, these rare book gems provide resources beyond simple name recognition.  They help to define the community and the people and places around them.  This particular book introduced me to the name of the home - and the grave site - of Elihu Phillips of Vermont in Kent Hollow. I also learned more about the Weed family who married with the Phillips family - several times, actually.
Kent Hollow Cemetery - burial place of Elihu Phillips and his daughter  Cynthia Weed. (Find A Grave website)
You should really start venturing into Internet Archives if you haven't already.  The wealth of American history recorded here is tremendous.


  1. My great-grandmother was Josephine Phillips. Daughter of Jesse Fayette Phillips and Lucy Hull. Jesse's parents were: Horace and Susan Weed Phillips. I live in Oswego, NY

    1. It's a pleasure to hear from you, cousin. I hope to venture to Oswego and Rupert some day. Elihu and some of his brothers ventured west, but I'd like to see their early home. Many blessings to your family. - Phil